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Pm Kisan 17th Installment Date Revealed for 2024


In the year 2019, the Government of India launched the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM-KISAN) scheme to support the financial needs of small and marginal farmers across the country. Under this scheme, eligible farmers receive a financial benefit of Rs 6,000 per year in three equal installments. The scheme aims to provide a stable income to farmers and ensure their financial stability.

17th Installment Date Revealed for 2024

As per recent announcements by the government, the 17th installment date for the year 2024 has been revealed. The beneficiaries can expect to receive the next installment of Rs 2,000 in their bank accounts on the specified date. This financial assistance can significantly contribute to their agricultural activities, enabling them to invest in seeds, fertilizers, equipment, and other necessities required for farming.

Eligibility Criteria for PM-KISAN Scheme

To qualify for the PM-KISAN scheme and receive the benefits of the installment, farmers need to meet certain eligibility criteria. The following are the key points to consider:

  1. Land Ownership: The applicant must be the owner of cultivable land.
  2. Land Size: Small and marginal farmers with landholding of up to 2 hectares are eligible.
  3. Documentation: Correct documentation, including land records, Aadhaar card, and bank account details, are necessary.
  4. Exclusions: Institutional landholders, income tax payers, and retired pensioners are not eligible for the scheme.

Application Process

Applying for the PM-KISAN scheme is a straightforward process that can be completed online. Farmers can visit the official PM-KISAN portal and fill in the required details, including personal information, land details, Aadhaar number, and bank account information. Upon successful verification, the financial assistance will be directly credited to their bank accounts.

Benefits of PM-KISAN Scheme

The PM-KISAN scheme offers several benefits to farmers, enhancing their financial stability and agricultural productivity. Some of the key advantages include:

  1. Financial Aid: The scheme provides financial assistance of Rs 6,000 per year to eligible farmers.
  2. Income Support: The timely installments ensure a steady income for farmers, helping them meet their agricultural expenses.
  3. Boost Agricultural Activities: Farmers can utilize the funds to invest in better seeds, fertilizers, and technology, thereby improving their agricultural output.
  4. Enhanced Living Standards: The scheme aims to uplift the living standards of small and marginal farmers, reducing their financial vulnerabilities.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. How can I check the status of my PM-KISAN installment?
– Beneficiaries can visit the official PM-KISAN portal and enter their Aadhaar number to check the status of their installment.

2. What is the PM-KISAN helpline number for assistance?
– Farmers can reach out to the PM-KISAN helpline number 011-24300606 for any queries or support regarding the scheme.

3. Can farmers apply for the PM-KISAN scheme offline?
– Yes, farmers can visit their nearest Common Service Center (CSC) or relevant authorities in their area to apply for the scheme offline.

4. Are tenant farmers eligible for the PM-KISAN scheme?
– Tenant farmers are not eligible for the PM-KISAN scheme. Only land-owning farmers are included under the scheme.

5. What should I do if I did not receive my PM-KISAN installment?
– In case of non-receipt of the PM-KISAN installment, farmers should contact their respective State Nodal Officer or District Nodal Officer for assistance.

The Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi (PM-KISAN) scheme plays a crucial role in supporting the agricultural community and empowering farmers across the country. By providing timely financial assistance, the scheme contributes to the growth and prosperity of small and marginal farmers, thereby strengthening the agricultural sector of India.

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